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Masszázs szalon Debrecenben Masszázs szalon Debrecen
  • Masszázs Debrecenben

    A tökéletes kikapcsolódás!

    Kellemes, vidám környezetben várom a " megújulni " vágyó hölgyeket és urakat! Nálam Ön a legfontosabb, minden kezelés azért történik, hogy tökéletes testi-lelki-szellemi harmóniába kerüljön.

    Masszázs debrecen
  • Wellness masszázs

    Csokoládé masszázs

    Igazi anti-stresszkezelés. Több, mint 800 molekulájának köszönhetően a csokoládé hidratálja és tonizálja a bőrt. Oldott ásványi anyag tartalma miatt bőrpuhító, revitalizáló hatású. Idegrendszeri nyugtató, anti-depresszáns, szorongáscsökkentő. A koffein, polyphenol, theobromine és tannin garantálják hatását.

    reflexzóna masszázs Debrecenben
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    A Cellulit masszázs természetes, hatékony és kényelmes módon segít eltüntetni a narancsbőrt. Karcsúsít, átformálja testkontúrját. A bőrt feszesebbé, puhábbá és selymesebbé varázsolja. Természetesen hosszú folyamatot igényel, de megfelelő életvitel mellett meglehetősen jól javítható az állapot.

    gyógymasszázs Debrecen


Jenei Rita debreceni masseuse

My name is Rita Jenei.
My name is Rita Jenei, and I have been doing massage for 5 years now. I am looking forward to meeting you in case of pain relief or simple relaxation.
Due to low level of English proficiency, if you have any questions or would like to make an appointment for a massage, please write me on Viber only. My number is the following:…….. Thank you for understanding.

Yours sincerely Hatvani Gyuláné Jenei Rita

Massage varieties

- Massage Debrecenben -

Relaxing massage

Relaxing massage Debrecenben

The rushing and stressful way of life of our modern society results in the loss of our physical and mental balance. Little physical activity, incorrect posture and one-sided physical exercise all test our muscles hard. The long-term tightness of the neck and shoulder muscles inhibits the brain's blood supply, which causes the mental functions' weakening, depression, and fatigue. Unfortunately, most people do not attach importance to this, or simply they do not notice the symptoms at the right time. Massage is one of the oldest, most enjoyable, natural methods without any harmful side effects for the prevention and the cure of diseases. Massage is a mechanical stimulus applied to the surface of the body, with certain grips for treatment, for which physical healing is the response.

Swedish massage Debrecenben

Swedish massage

Swedish massage is one of the most popular types of massages in Europe. It is the basis for curative massage, sports massage, and segment massage as well, which all use the grips of Swedish massage. This massage increases blood circulation, improves digestion, reduces pain (e.g. stressful headaches), accelerates post-injury recovery, prevents unused muscle breakdown, relieves insomnia, increases vigilance, but primarily, it promotes relaxation and reduces stress.

Refreshing massage

Refreshing massage Debrecenben

It is the most common type of Western massages. Its original form is a combination of massage and physical exercises. The masseur refreshes the body with smooth, rubbing, vibrating and kneading movements. The physical and neurohormonal effects of massage help to heal the potential illnesses. During the massage, in order to improve blood circulation and digestion - according to the conventional method - the patient must also perform some exercises, but even without it, an excellent effect can be achieved.
The refreshing massage:
- relaxes the muscles - reduces back and spinal pain - improves metabolism thus it helps the body to detoxify - has a beneficial effect on digestion - stimulates blood circulation, your skin regains its resilience - refreshes - relieves stress - helps to eliminate sleep disorders - accelerates post-injury recovery - reduces headaches, and pain in general
Recommended for:
- rheumatic diseases - musculoskeletal problems - the supplementary treatment of orthopedic diseases - sprains, spasms, and strains - the treatment of heart problems and high blood pressure - correcting posture problems - resolving muscle stiffness - the treatment of respiratory problems and psychosomatic diseases

Migraine treatment

Migraine treatment Debrecenben

Approximately 10 to 12% of the population suffers from a migraine. As time goes by, lots of environmental impacts affect us, thus, this proportion increases. The migraine’s treatment is often very difficult, and medicines should be supplemented with other treatments. In cases where the medicines do not have enough effect or have side effects, we can successfully use the special migraine massage. In most cases, all headaches are thrown into the "headache group", but the situation is not that simple. Headaches cannot be put into one category only, there are different types. According to the most basic grouping, we distinguish the following three types:
A migrén általános tünetei az alábbiak:
- Accompanying headache: as it is clear from the name, it accompanies other diseases as a symptom - Tension headache: this is the most common type, it is moderate, and can appear at any time. The biggest disadvantage is that it does not hurt so much that it forces you to stay in bed, but it is bad enough to stop you from doing anything in a hundred percent. - Migraine: the most powerful type of headache, which can last for days. In several cases, the patients suffering from migraine have difficulty even in opening their eyes. In such a case, they have to lie down in a dark and quiet place and accompany the suffering period with cold compress as well. It is often difficult to decide whether someone has a tension headache or a migraine, but it is certainly worth checking out, since both should be dealt with in a different way.
The common symptoms of a migraine:
- visual disturbances - bouncing circles or lines in front of the eyes - a strong headache starting above one eye - increased light and noise sensitivity - half-sided numbness or tingling of the face - feeling unwell, nausea - facial flushing - the swelling and pulsation of the temporal artery - abdominal cramps - diarrhea and strong urinating stimulus - palpitations
Massage can be amazingly effective against headaches and migraines. If you know that you often or rarely have a migraine headache, you should first take part in a multi-occasional treatment. Then, it will be enough to return to your masseur every now and then in order to prevent the terrible headache’s comeback. Many doctors believe that headaches are caused by blood pressure changes in the brain's blood-vessels since the rigid muscles compress them. If we ease the muscles, the blood will flow unhindered and the headache will disappear. The incorrect posture and the work-related stresses tend to tighten neck and shoulder muscles, and later these problems can cause migraine headaches, irritability, tolerance weakening and back pain, too. The migraine massage is a method of refreshing strained shoulders, improving general well-being, accelerating blood circulation, curing headaches, and increasing stress-tolerance and concentration ability.

Holistic Swedish massage

Holistic Swedish massage Debrecenben

The main purpose of Swedish massage is to increase blood oxygen levels and to detoxify muscles and tissues. Kneading and rubbing movements relieve tension and muscle pain, allowing our guests to get back to their normal life rhythm in a refreshed condition. The relaxing version of massage is based on a weaker smoothing technique, which has a beneficial effect on the muscles and the skin. The massage oil is mixed from your choice of some 100% natural essential oils in order to make your relaxation more enjoyable.
What to know about Swedish massage:
In the western part of the world, Swedish massage is the best-known, most popular and often the most recommended type of massages. It is the perfect choice for those guests who visit our spa or receive a massage for the first time. This massage - unlike Oriental massages - is based on direct physiological effects, combining five basic grasps: smoothing, rubbing, kneading, tapping, and vibrating. However, today's modern Swedish massage includes additional grasps as well.
- stress release - relaxation - cramping pain relief - improving the condition of the skin, circulation, and lymphatic system - improving general well-being - easing chronic fatigue - enhancing performance - improving muscle conditions - post-accident, post-operative rehabilitation - handling of motion contractions - easing some headaches - treatment of psychosomatic complaints (convulsions, digestive problems) - treatment of chronic inflammation - treatment of orthopedic diseases (e.g. splayfoot, discopathy, dislocation of the hip) - treatment of rheumatic diseases - treatment of medical illnesses - rehabilitation of neurological diseases (e.g. post-stroke condition, paresis, trigeminal neuralgia) - treatment of limb edema

Lymph drainage

Lymph drainage Debrecenben

Lymph drainage is a gentle massage technique that tries to direct the lymph, which is accumulated between the tissues, to the strain and tries to stimulate the function of the lymphatic vessels and make them more active in contraction as well. It is an extremely pleasant, soothing and stress-relieving massage type, so it is excellent in restoring our internal balance in a relatively short time. Beyond its harmonizing effect, it can also be used to treat many problems. Lymph drainage helps our body in detoxification and it strengthens our immune system. It promotes regeneration by helping to select roughage from tissues, and it is detoxifying, too. After the treatments, the skin becomes more elastic and better, the bags under the eyes disappear as well as the limbs' bulges. We can also get some beneficial changes from a cosmetic point of view. For instance, lymph drainage is excellent for treating acne. By stimulating the lymphatic flow, fresh lymph chyle, which is rich in nutrients, flows between the cells. Disturbances in the lymphatic system inhibit lymph flow. With the help of lymph drainage, the edema and the swellings can be reduced effortlessly and without any medicines. It accelerates and helps healing and rehabilitation. When it comes to preventive and recreational use, its health-preserving and health-protective role is indisputable.

Refreshing foot massage

Refreshing foot massage Debrecenben

Since our feet have the biggest strain in daily life, it is especially important to take care of their transverse and longitudinal arches. Failure to do so may lead to a fallen arch which may cause a change in the spine's structure. The essence of foot massage is reflexology. Some points of our feet are related to certain organs of our body, and each organ has the correct point on the sole. We may imagine that instead of the nerves, there are mediatory channels, energy pathways similar to those of the Chinese acupuncture meridians. A template has been made of the feet's reflex zones which makes it easy for anyone to enjoy the beneficial effects of foot massage at home. During the massage, not only finding the right points and making the right pressure are important, but also the technique of the pressure. During the treatment, the masseurs keep the given organ's point under pressure, and at various intervals and intensity, they re-exert pressure. The sophisticated technique is due to the fact that foot massage has a tradition of thousands of years. It has already been used by the Christians and the Chinese. The effectiveness of the treatment, as it is scientifically proven, is very widespread in Europe. The two legs form a unit connecting to the left and right part of the body. So if there are two of our organs (such as the lungs or the kidneys), the sensitive points can be found on both feet. The central organs such as the heart, the thyroid, or the throat are also present on both feet, but they are located on the inner surface of the sole.
It is recommended to use foot massage in case of:
- skin problems - asthma, allergy, or other respiratory problems - rheumatism - bladder and kidney disorders - metabolic problems - digestive problems - reduced hormone production - thyroid insufficiencies - occiput and headache - cardiovascular (circulatory) disturbances
By stimulating the reflex zone points and nerve endings on the sole, we can provoke beneficial effects on the internal organs and the nervous system as well.

Traditional Thai massage

Traditional Thai massage Debrecenben

Thai massage, which is a method used on the whole body, is fully reliably due to the fact that it is based on anatomical observations. The masseurs learn anatomy in order to be familiar with the structure of the human body. They also learn the technique of effective massage, they can recognize the patient’s problems, and therefore, they are able to apply the appropriate treatment. During the massage therapy, not only their hands but also their forearms, elbows, knees, and soles are used in order to stimulate acupuncture points along the energy lines. At the same time, they perform various muscle relaxing yoga exercises. Acupressure massage on specific points of the body promotes full relaxation. Owing to the accelerated blood circulation, the oxygen supply of the body improves, which refreshes the body. The metabolism also speeds up, toxins are cleansed, and the overall well-being improves. Regular Thai massage is a good way to provide a solution for various locomotor, nerve, lymphatic, digestive, gynecological and respiratory diseases. Besides, it enhances the resistance of the body, it can be used as a treatment for sleeping disorders, stress, headaches, and migraines. It is suitable to solve joint stiffness and preserve muscle flexibility as well. Thai massage is done in comfortable clothing on a mattress.

Synchronous massage

Synchronous massage Debrecenben

The four-handed synchronous massage - in which the movements of the two masseurs are in sync with each other - is about being massaged by them at the same time with harmonious and pleasant grasps. If you want, we will massage the frequented muscle groups, but because of relaxation, we will use several grips with which you will be perfectly relaxed and rested. However, it is a more intensive therapy since the body is being massaged twice as better as with only one masseur. Thus, considering the excellent therapeutic and physiological effects, synchronous massage is also a wonderful massage option! Combined with the appropriate active ingredients, it is detoxifying, and the slimming effect can be twice as intense as in the case of other types of massage.

Swedish bamboo massage

Swedish bamboo massage Debrecenben

Swedish bamboo massage:

The combination of the massage done with bamboo rolls, which originates from China, and the traditional Western massage results in a new and powerful massage technique. It is aimed at strengthening and reactivating connective tissues, lymphatic cleansing, and the access of the perfect relaxation level. The combination of the two massages' grasps offers a perfect stress-relieving and muscle relaxing solution, thus it does not only have a positive effect on the physical condition, but it also provides mental relaxation. Aromatherapy bamboo massage The bamboo massage relaxes the energy blocks in the body, stimulates blood circulation and the lymphatic system's functioning, reduces muscle tension, and releases spinal pain. During the special and relaxing treatments, after applying exotic aromatic oils, massage is done with a bamboo roll with kneading and tapping movements. The slow motions, sometimes combined with stronger pressure, can also affect the deeper tissues, so this massage type can be used to relax the entire musculature. The treatment combines the aroma oil's soothing and the bamboo's refreshing effects.

Slimming massage with cupping

Slimming massage with cupping Debrecenben

Vacuum massage against cellulite:

During the vacuum massage, the blood vessels expand and the blood and lymph circulation of the tissues is accelerated, so the deteriorated basal metabolism improves. The lymph fluid's speed, which naturally progresses 3 centimeters per minute and carries roughage and fat, can increase up to fifty times more than the usual. As tension is produced in the fat cells because of the vacuum, the bulge of a significant number of cells explodes leaving the fat out of them and leaving the lymphatic system as well. Therefore, vacuum treatment can also produce good results in losing weight. The vacuum activates the connective tissue cells that produce elastic fibers, resulting in a much tighter and more elastic skin after the treatments. For the vacuum massage, we can use various oils, essential oils, and herbal creams since they can be absorbed more effectively in the skin because of the increased blood circulation, and can reach deeper layers more easily.
How to use it?
The effectiveness of cupping - vacuum massage - can be enhanced by other supplementary therapies and treatments such as aromatherapy, herbal treatments, diets, relaxation, physiotherapy, and yoga. Do not carry out cupping for more than half an hour, and do rely on a specialist. If the massage is too strong, muscle spasms and pain may occur.

Hawaii Lomi-lomi massage

Hawaii Lomi-lomi massage Debrecen

The term "lomi" in Hawaii means massage or rubbing. Sometimes it is translated as a massage of loving hands. This massage is based on the Hawaiian Huna philosophy that everyone in the universe is looking for harmony, love and balance. The lomi-lomi is regarded as a kind of moving prayer whose purpose is to restore the physical-mental-spiritual balance through continuous smoothing. During the massage, there is only a minimal covering on the massaged person in order to facilitate work on the whole body.
Its advantage:
It relieves tension and reduces stress, stimulates blood and lymph circulation as well as the selection of roughage and toxins. It creates peace, harmony, and well-being, improves immune reactions, and in the wider sense, it restores ourselves.


Due to low level of English proficiency, if you have any questions or would like to make an appointment for a massage, please write me on Viber only. My number is the following:…….. Thank you for understanding.